Why Us

Vision Of Wizards is into conceptualizing Education & Learning by unique ways of conducting Training, Workshops and Sessions, that are completely experiential and thought provoking in nature. 

We strongly believe that People are the foundation of any Society; hence we focus on their development right at the grass root level. The idea is not only to empower them for their profession, but also make them realize their own potential for a better and balanced life, thus strengthening them and the society.

Our Transformational programs focus on every aspect of Learning, by working on the communication skills, life skills, functional skills and most importantly the Belief system. We are mere facilitators, but rather skilled ones, who can get the best out of you, during our sessions, leaving your mind thinking and being surprised about things that you knew, but never acknowledged it. And what more! When you know that you are involved at every level of workshop, learning becomes more fun and effective. In addition to providing our standard programs, we also specialize in providing customized programs for both education and corporate sectors, thus ensuring maximum benefits and client satisfaction

Our Purpose

To inspire and empower people to realize and reach their potential, live their dreams and experience a happy, successful and balanced life, thus strengthening the pillars of the Society and the Country. We aim to do this by means of experiential learning and building on their existing strengths. We simply want to 

... Making a Difference in Human Lives


1] To penetrate Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and reach the untapped potential of the Youths there.

2] To spread awareness about the importance of a skilled mind and experiential learning over mere certifications, for a healthy and balanced life.

3] To enable the youth to discover their own potential, getting out of the Rat-race and encouraging them to do something meaningful to their heart, life and purpose of being.






 He is a Learning and Development Professional with 20+ years of experience in various sectors like Hotels, Corporates & Education, having handled versatile profiles like Training, Counseling, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Recruitment and People Development. He holds Training certifications from some of World’s most renowned institutes like DALE CARNEGIE TRAINING, CITIGROUP GLOBAL SERVICES, ADITYA BIRLA GROUP & RADISSON HOTEL GROUP. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner.

Having conducted intense workshops and trained more than 8000 professionals and students, his versatile experience qualifies him to not only relate to his participants but also help them reach their untapped potential, creating a sense of self-esteem and independence in each one of them. His expertise is also extended in the field of Counseling, thus helping him to give attention to every individual’s developmental needs.

His mission is to inspire and empower people in discovering their own strengths, reaching their potential and living happily and successfully, thus … Making a Difference in Human Lives.





She is a person of versatile Talents. A Certified Reiki Grand Master, Access Bar Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer, Forex Market Analyst and a successful Entrepreneur. A Mechanical Engineer by education, she has always been a self-employed person in her versatile career of 16 years.

She is a strong believer of the fact that Learning never stops and is always busy with learning something new on her own. With her expertise in Tarot Reading and Spiritual Healing she has been successful in changing the lives of more than 5000 depressed people, helping them find peace and motivating them towards a positive lifestyle. She has a very calm and composed manner of counseling and helping people. Her aura itself projects a lot of positivism, enough for any person to believe that Happiness and Ease are the only purpose and way of Life.